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Our amazing clients from Camberley are always happy and they constantly return to us to use or computer repair services. This is one feature we are really proud of, and we’ll make sure ti keep this customer satisfaction at least at the current level. Please see below how our clients that used our computer repair services appraise us:


After my Asus laptop’s screen turned black, I can say my days turned black as well, as I have all my work on my laptop, and every hour without my laptop running costs me 40 quid… so I called Sho from Camberley Computer in a really stressful and panicked attitude, and now when I’m thinking back, I wonder how he didn’t hang up. However, after a quick chat he convinced me to take my laptop in straight away. It was fixed within 1 hour, amazing!

Jordan A. Camberley

…or one more happy client from Camberley who had her HP computer repaired:

Thank you for your quick professional computer repair service, my daughter pored a glass of water right on my HP computer, and while panicked at first, I remembered I had a friend who was once talking about a computer repair shop right in Camberley, so I called her for the contact details. It was the best I made, thank you Camberley computer!

Please feel free to visit our contact page and let us know your problem, we’ll definitely find a solution to your problem.

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